Work, passion, interests and life


Posted on: August 17, 2009


The man sat under a banyan tree,
in an idyll,
quipped a friend who passed by,
don’t you want your life to kindle?

Nonchalantly says our man
friend, I am taking a rest
said his friend curtly
is this option really the best?

Nodded the man to justify his action
displeased his friend become
why don’t you go and work?
somehow, our man succumbs.

“What do I get?,” demands the man
Certainly a good job
“And then?,” came his next
Cars, friends, bungalows, money and life’s very best.

“Oh, is that all I get?,” queried the man
when you have all this, you can rest in your bungalow in bliss
said the man, why do I work so hard if rest is my ultimately goal?
presently I am enjoying it beneath this banyan tree.

Unable to answer
his friend does a disappearance
he never bothered our man again
No, he never made a reappearance.


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  • Subhajit Ghosh: Your wish has been granted, and look how! Even NDA possibly didn't dream of this huge victory. Let's hope they deliver, and take the nation forward.
  • mystic wanderer: Third Front would be disaster, and UPA (again) would be a severe step backward. BJP/NDA led by Modi seems the only worthwhile choice.
  • WB: You're very welcome.


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