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With bated breath

Awaiting the turn of events

Soon the fog will disappear

The picture will clear

What lies ahead

Meeting our expectation

Swelling heartbeat

Two hearts beating in unison

Do I hear?

Hawa Mahal

The capital city of Rajasthan offers two different faces to a visitor. While one has history and royalty written over it, the other is a city of industrious people eager to put it at par with the best metros of the country. The achievements of the art and architectures of the royals are showcased in City Palace or a museum in Amer Fort. The Amer Fort is quite spectacular and it was here that the royals used to spend their days meeting people and taking strategic decisions. Intricate designs of floral wall art are visible, and a small rectangular garden is housed within the fort. Nearby is another fort – Nahargarh, also known as Madhvendra Palace. This isn’t as grand as Amer, though one can get a spectacular view of Jaipur below from the windows of the rooms on the first floor. At some distance from this point, one need to go to Jaigorh fort which has preserved what it claims – the largest cannon in the world.

Ajmeri Gate

The city is named after Maharaja Jai Singh, and he and his illustrious progeny like Man Singh looms large on the city psyche.  Jaipur bears a striking similarity with Jodhpur in its touristy appeal – both has a spectacular fort (Amer in Jaipur, Mahrengarh in Jodhpur) and a dazzling palace (City Palace in Jaipur, Umaid Bhavan in Jodhpur), so for a tourist one can chose to visit any one of the two cities, and I guess one would have sampled the Rajasthani lifestyle – hardworking simplistic folks engaging in business, industrial  & agrarian  pursuits using animals (camels, cattles, elephants)  as helpers to survive (and how regally!) in this hot arid region.

Amer Fort

Amer Fort

In 1876 Jaipur was colored in terracotta pink to welcome Prince Albert, and thus the name “Pink City” was attached with the city. Jaipur is famous as largest exporter of gold, diamond and stone jewellery in Asia. It  has been ranked 31 among the 50 Emerging Global Outsourcing cities. Genpact and Infosys have their BPO already established and running successfully. In fact Genpact has the fastest growing location in Jaipur. Real Estate business is flourishing well from last 2–3 years. Some companies already present here include Bosch, Coca Cola, IBM, Ericsson and NEI, popularly known as NBC Bearings.

The distance by road from Faridabad to Jaipur is about 260kms. Enroute we touched a developing Manesar (or Greater Gurgaon?),  thereafter an industrial Rewari where bicycle and motorbike companies like Atlas and Harley Davidson operate from the place, before the rolling Neemrana hills announce that you have reached Rajasthan from Haryana. We took a break at Neemrana on the onward journey, while on the return journey we stopped at Behror which boasts of a Sagar Ratna (popular food chain).

The blossoms in the city are in abundance and similar to the National capital. The roads are well maintained, and the place is much less dusty in comparison to Faridabad. Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal & Jantar Mantar are some of the other attractions of the city.

I walk a few yards

And retrace my steps

A gust of wind whip my face

Ah, heavenly!

I was a couch potato today

Before I resolved to break my sedentary existence

To and fro ambling

Recurring for a while

I catch a glimpse

Ma is gossiping with a neighbor

Mercury rising

Breeze acts like a balm

The surrounding trees are healers

Sapped, I rest a while

Look up towards the overcast welkin

Half-moon disappears beneath dark clouds

And reappears

Weather office predicts a squall

Rambling on roof tops

During summers

In the evenings


At the end

I march towards

A piping hot cup of tea awaits..

You make me anxious
You make me angry
You lift my spirits
And drain my energy

Watch you grow
Life acquires a meaning
Just specks in the continuum of life

The greeting in exultation
On my return each day
Cozying up
When sleep beckons
Moments that I cherish
A balm in the harshness of everyday struggle
Act like a reliever
To face the morning after.

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  • Subhajit Ghosh: Have been reading that he had 'left' leanings in some articles recently..
  • mystic wanderer: Well put. It's difficult to imagine the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. But can Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose be called a leftist? Nationalist perhaps
  • Subhajit Ghosh: Your wish has been granted, and look how! Even NDA possibly didn't dream of this huge victory. Let's hope they deliver, and take the nation forward.