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You had been searching for me

While I was waiting for you

An iconic moment in Indian Cinema

A megastar is born

Twiddling biris in his mouth

Would the scene linger in your mind?

Had our hero been of a gentler kind

On onscreen smoking

Controversy raged

Minister play moral police

Cry hoarse

Blow out that smoke

Ignoring small-time vendors that would go broke

Statutory warning is plastered

Passive smokers fall prey

Active smokers fall prey

To the debilitating addiction

Kicking is difficult

Keeping is injurious…


One fine morning over a weekend in June, we set out for Mussoorie from Faridabad in our car.  Very soon we found ourselves in Noida crossing HCL, LOGICTEX, NTPC & …. we filled gas, sorry petrol,  at a station in Noida, because the price of petrol  in the country  moves northwards with the altitude of the place…. we whizzed past  Indirapuram in  Ghaziabad and soon found ourselves in Mohannagar. A thirteen kilometer stretch along the NH-58 brought us to Muradnagar….continuing straight for 10 km on NH-58 brought us to Modinagar…after crossing Modinagar and before Meerut city we took left on to the Meerut bye pass to reach Khatauli…we stopped for a while and had breakfast at a dhaba….our next target was to reach Purkaji via Muzaffarnagar city…


We were enjoying the drive when suddenly our driver pressed the brakes and our car went and rammed into the rear of a van filled with passengers, some of them hanging from the back…needless to say, our car bonnet went  asymmetric…an intrepid passenger complained of a leg injury…this culminated in our taking him to a local doc who prescribed ointments to tide over the mishap…he ruled out the possibility of a ‘fracture’…we continued on our journey and after crossing Roorkee soon reached Dehradun…we had a rather late lunch in Dehradun…

A distance of 30 kms separates Missouri from Dehradun…towards the end of this journey, the road ahead steeply rises upwards…@ Missouri, it was difficult to find a decent accommodation @ a decent price in the peak season over a weekend when the entire summer travelers of the capital seem to have descended on this town…


The distance of Mussouri, an enchanting hill station in the state of Uttarkhand, from the National Capital is 281 kms…we checked into a hotel in the vicinity of Gandhi Chowk, the main hub of the town…this was just a 2-day trip, and so after resting for a while in the hotel, towards the evening we went to the Mall area of the town, and made a few purchases…

The following morning, we set off early to see Kempty Falls….one has to travel 13 kms downwards to reach a vantage view point…

on way to Kempty

on way to Kempty


Kempty falls

view of the serpentine road

Thereafter, we went to Municipal Garden (also known as Company Garden), a good spot with artificial waterfalls, nurseries, boating, fun rides etc.

@company garden










The weather of Mussourie changes rapidly, and towards the evening after a bright day, there was hailstorm, and the ‘best part’ was that we could get a glimpse of the snow-capped mountain from the terrace of our hotel after the downpour…we couldn’t make it to Gun Hill, a spot in Mussourie from where it was said one could have viewed the snow-capped peaks…

snow capped peak from terrace

The next day, we started on our return journey, and made a brief halt at Dehardun, and paid a visit to Forest Research Institute, an internationally renowned institution established in 1906 for conducting research and education in the fields of forestry and environmental sciences. We also sampled the renowned bakery of Dehradun by stopping @ Ellora Bakery, a well known shop in the city.

Forest Research Institute








Late in the evening, we reached our abode.

Sunny weather I will bring
A perfect time to dance and sing
Find school boring
Enjoy birds fluttering their wings
Children happy on swings
Job deadlines annoying
It’s the magic of spring
It’s the magic of spring.

A season so calm
A healer like a balm
Of life’s intoxication
Life’s pace will be slow
And creativity will grow
A time to watch pretty ladies with perfectly done brows
Hear pleasant chirping of crows
See flowers blooming all around in by lanes narrow
Forget your harrow
No time for sorrow
A season for figs to furrow
Look forward for morrow
Play archery with arrow.

Play Holi with all
Short and tall
Even with a doll
Embracing big and small
Splashing and smearing colors on others above all
Spring, a harbinger of nature’s bounty
A time to feign malinger in one’s duty
No snow, no rain
Spring relieves us of all pain
Behold lovers lark
in many a park.
I’m here at your call
To fill with happiness lives of you all
Albeit a period small
Gotta make way for fall
As part of nature’s law
Not to make you depend on cat’s paw
So when my time will be up
Do wish me well
And smilingly bid me farewell.

Preserving environment

Transporting us from one place to another

Adoption is a necessity

To save the Nation

The corridors of power

Need to make corridors for you

On every major thoroughfare

To give a fillip

The developed world takes pride

While moving astride

The developing world consider thee infra dig

Not realizing its own grave being dig

Help maintain the body as a whole

Ignoring ominous sign could make the body sever with holes.

Life can’t survive without you

When you beat during summer

Hell descends

You beckon us with an inexhaustible reserve

We need to harness thee to protect the environment

To generate power

Seventy percent in our country is thermal

Unleashing carbon dioxide and harmful gases in the atmosphere

The consequences of global warming are already being felt.

Energy latent in your possession

Can drive cars

Generate Electricity

Drive Industries

Power batteries and UPS

And end woes of the modern world.

A limousine whizzes past
At one hundred fifty kmph
Maybe the speed exceeds the surmise

Ours touching a hundred and twenty
The elderly gentleman sitting beside
Ballu issues a cautionary warning
Now and then

We zoom past HCL, Dell, TCS & Accenture
Signpost of advanced world…
Just the other day
While cruising past the century mark
A herd of cattle appeared out of the feeble barricade
Hitting the brakes instantly averted collision
Missed fatality due to absence of wheels in motion at the rear…

A thick foggy blanket Engulfed this morn
Near zero visibility
Bumper to bumper
For Eternity
Just the other day
Tally read fourteen
In a nightmarish incident

Infrastructural marvel
Linking the Capital
With its developing satellite township
And even the land of the Taj Mahal
Formula One brought laurels and pride
Palpable fear during everyday ride
One must hide…

Goa sunset


Yet comprehensible

Pervades all creation

Goads the artist Into achieving greater heights

And delve into sublimity.

How does one stop this?

Hankering for physical facility

To breed

The Earth can fill Man’s need

Buddha cautioned us

Keeping it at bay

Should be reflected in one’s way

His approach to the world

And relationship

The Test of Happiness and Prosperity.

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  • Subhajit Ghosh: Have been reading that he had 'left' leanings in some articles recently..
  • mystic wanderer: Well put. It's difficult to imagine the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. But can Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose be called a leftist? Nationalist perhaps
  • Subhajit Ghosh: Your wish has been granted, and look how! Even NDA possibly didn't dream of this huge victory. Let's hope they deliver, and take the nation forward.