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Posted on: November 8, 2012


Drip, drip, drip
The day was under its grip
I was indoors in a crib
And then electricity tripped.

A fly was hovering around close
and stung me on my nose
It flew and sat atop a hose
after delivering its dose.

A lizard nearby wagged its tail
after coming out from a pail
It was then that it started to hail
And I decided to enjoy in the assail.

I ran outside and headed for the beach
and anon did I reach
To relieve myself of the inflicted pain, began
Singing in the rain.

I was soaked in time
Is it a crime?
As I swirled and twirled
And toss myself in a whirl
I felt I was on cloud nine
To others it seemed asinine.


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  • Subhajit Ghosh: Your wish has been granted, and look how! Even NDA possibly didn't dream of this huge victory. Let's hope they deliver, and take the nation forward.
  • mystic wanderer: Third Front would be disaster, and UPA (again) would be a severe step backward. BJP/NDA led by Modi seems the only worthwhile choice.
  • WB: You're very welcome.


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