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Posted on: February 20, 2014

Speed thrills

But Kills

Fast drive

Could be your last drive

If you are Married

Divorce speed

Beer and petrol do not mix well

No Mobile

During Driving

While Overtaking

Keep to the Right

It is better to wake up in bed

When drunk

Call for a Cab

(cautionary lines that appear on our roads and highways. Just attempting a compilation here..)


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  • Subhajit Ghosh: Your wish has been granted, and look how! Even NDA possibly didn't dream of this huge victory. Let's hope they deliver, and take the nation forward.
  • mystic wanderer: Third Front would be disaster, and UPA (again) would be a severe step backward. BJP/NDA led by Modi seems the only worthwhile choice.
  • WB: You're very welcome.


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